If you have a beautiful wool rug in your home be it an oriental or area rug, there are some key factors that you have to consider for their longevity. As you are making an investment these carpets, you should make sure that you are maintaining it in the right way. Although there are many benefits of using woolen rugs, when it comes to the cleaning part, make sure a professional company cleans it properly. Our company understands the different types of rugs, and the treatment right for each and we will be able to provide you the best cleaning services. Wool is a fiber that should not be cleaned by standard "rug cleaners". Oriental Rug Care uses the latest technology and machines to obtain the proper cleaning process by hand to keep the real beauty of your wool rugs.

We provided the perfect cleaning services for our customer’s wool rug. Wool, silk to synthetic fibers it does not matter what rugs you have. You will be able to find the right cleaning method for your rug with us.

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